My Camera Gear

I refuse to buy a ton of complicated camera and travel gear because I don’t want to be distracted from my trip by messing around with all my “fancy” stuff.

Every piece of equipment that I have listed here is steamlined to be not only a necessity but easy to use.

If you like any of these glorious items, it would be wonderful if you could purchase them via my links. I get a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

GoPro HERO4 BLACK : I shot my entire first series on nothing but a GoPro. Way beyond just a “sports cam,” needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

GoPole EVO : A GoPro is only as good as what it’s attached too (seriously, it’s shaky as hell without it.) I used the older model of this pole to mount and film HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD ON $30 A DAY series. You can hold it pointing at you to show what you’re doing, you can hold it pointing out and use it almost as a steady cam. I took mine SCUBA diving, snowboarding, surfing… if you saw it in my series, I shot it with this. Highly, highly recommend.

LaCie Rugged 2TB External Hard Drive : I traveled for a year and backed up all of my footage, photos and data on this hard drive. This brand is more expensive than others but I wanted the durability and was willing to pay more for it (it’s holding all my hard-earned footage, after all!) These are the drives we use in TV as well because they can get banged around in the field and passed along from crew to crew and still work perfectly fine for a long time.

Apple MacBook Pro : I would not buy a laptop off of Amazon (sorry Amazon, I love you but No) but I’m a Mac girl through and through. I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch and I’m obsessed.

Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera :  I want to start upping my camera game but still will not tolerate bulky, heavy equipment cramping my style which is why I went with this. It’s a small little mirrorless camera with a powerful punch. It’s incredibly well priced for what it is and all of my director / tech fan friends are crazy over it’s low light capabilities and color profiles. It’s the perfect camera to step up your game without breaking the bank or your back.

LimoStudio Softbox Light Lighting Kit : These lights are magic! They are bulky but I LOVE how they look for my “in studio” shoots. I use them when I film the sit down part of my videos, I do NOT use these when I travel. For in “in studio” look though good lighting is a necessity.

Samson Meteor Mic : For the sake of efficiency (ie: I’m lazy) I shoot my “in studio” stuff directly from my laptop camera so an external mic is a must. Even if you shoot everything on a proper camera, if you’re going to do any sort of voice over work (talking over footage in a video) you need an external mic because the one on your laptop is crap. This little guy traveled all around the world for me, I use it while traveling and at home. It’s been banged around, dropped, spilled on, etc and it still sounds great – plus it looks super cool. Two points for that.

That’s it for now… I’ll add to the list but for now, this is a great start. Happy Filming!