Jungle temples on the top of a mountain and elephant sanctuaries? Yes, please.


Chaing Mai will forever have a piece of my heart. It’s a little jungle town way up in the northern Thailand brimming with spirituality and adventure. Some of my favorite memories were, of course, the meditation retreat and my week at Elephant Nature Park but also just walking around the city, going for jogs around one of it’s many fountains and holing up at a local guesthouse to edit videos and simply live the Chaing Mai-lifestyle for a bit. Before I knew it, I ended up spending three weeks in Chaing Mai, this little city can suck you in.

Chaing Mai is a place to take it slow. Do the ten day (or if pressed for time, three day) meditation retreat at Doi Suthep, spend a week volunteering at Elephant Nature Park, stroll the Sunday night market, get a massage (or ten)… just slow down. As I said in the video, Chiang Mai is incredibly inexpensive so your mind, body and budget will thank you for spending a little more time here.

I’m happy with how this video turned out. I felt a lot of pressure to show this city in the light it deserved and although I don’t think I could capture it’s wonderment in a four minute video edited by an amateur (hello, me) I felt like I didn’t completely fail, which is a win for me.

I was still feeling limited by the music choices on Youtube’s free creator platform, I haven’t started looking into paid options yet but I think I will need to soon just for the sake of my sanity. I’m starting to constrained and I don’t want to reuse a song that is already in one of my videos.

One of the greatest things about travel is how it changes you and impacts the person you are even when you’re back at home. Being taught how to meditate by Buddhist monks in Chaing Mai changed my life forever for the better. I now still meditate everyday even though I’m back home in the whirlwind of Los Angeles.



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