When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and Bangkok, you proved me wrong.

I thought I was going to hate Bangkok. I thought it would be too touristy, too urban, to party-centric. But that’s the great thing about travel. You think one thing then “experience” happens and exposes you for the dumbass that you are. I fell in love with Bangkok. So much so that I had to make two videos on it because one would just not be enough.

Tuktuks in Bangkok are insane. Be sure you only take one for a pre-negotiated rate only to the specific place you want to go. Don’t be suckered into the “$5 (or even Free) Tour of the City” where the driver just takes you to their friends’ shops and pressures you to buy overpriced shit. Nope. I took tuktuks a few times around the city but only directly to and from places I wanted to go for a pre-determined price and I’d recommend you do the same. It’s a blast! Regular taxis and motor taxis are cheaper though so you’ll probably find yourself taking those the most often.

Bangkok is massive but overall pretty easy to navigate. There is a really well laid out public transit system made up of the sky train, ferry boats and busses. You can hop on the back of a motor taxi for quick jaunts around the city as well.  I was obsessed with the ease and bustle of Bangkok and ended up staying almost a week in the city.

Eventually though, it was time to move on so I packed my bags and took the night train to Chiang Mai. Make sure you book second class seats or above (I booked second class seats, not sleeper) and I’d recommend not booking the AC class because come on, look at those open windows. Not that you’ll be sleeping well anyway but set your alarm to wake you up at sunrise because the view while you’re chugging through the jungle is epic. I just happened to wake up then and looked out the window to see sunrise over the jungle covered in mist. It was unbelievable.

I’m happy with how this video turned out – or maybe I’m just obsessed with the song at the end. I don’t know what it us but I can’t stop playing the train part over and over again with that bass beat. It doesn’t take much to impress me, obviously. MPK was bad ass. It’s such a massive shopping structure, I am still floored simply by the amount of stuff that exists in one building. If I’m really honest with myself, it makes the environmentalist and anti-consumerist inside me shudder and turns my stomach thinking about the resources used to make this much stuff but I also realize that judging or bitching about something that I contribute to in one way or another (as a person who buys things on this planet) isn’t helpful or fair to anyone involved and our malls in the US are just as bad. Plus the food court is bomb and it’s where I found the perfect laptop bag for my computer and hard drive (I was using a small, ripped up backpack to hold my gear up until now) and extra batteries for my GoPro (I had left my wall charger with a battery in it in Tunisia) so MPK was a needed stop to buy some quality necessary items.

But on to northern Thailand, starting with Chiang Mai…

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